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DigiPerks Marketing, founded in 2011 by Alex Shawn, is among the pioneers in the digital marketing industry. Over the years, our unwavering commitment to excellence has allowed us to serve different clients including small and large businesses, various industries, and individual entrepreneurs.

Achievements That Define Us

At DigiPerks Marketing, our accomplishments speak volumes. With a remarkable track record of over 50+ global awards, we’ve demonstrated our industry leadership and innovative expertise. What truly sets us apart is our ability to deliver tangible results—our efforts have driven a staggering $1,207,692,829 in revenue for our esteemed clients.

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The Power of Expertise

Our team comprises over 100 dedicated professionals, each a certified specialist in their respective fields. Whether it’s digital marketing strategy, SEO, advertising, website design, branding, or content creation, we bring unparalleled expertise to the table. Our 99.7% success rate and an impressive average rating of 4.9 reflect our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

DigiPerks Marketing isn’t just a digital marketing agency; we’re your trusted partners in growth. Our passion for helping businesses thrive, coupled with our unwavering pursuit of excellence, drives every project we undertake.

Join us on a journey where your success is our ultimate goal, and discover the limitless possibilities of digital marketing with DigiPerks Marketing.


Celebrating Excellence: Our Awards and Recognitions

At DigiPerks Marketing, we take immense pride in our journey of innovation and dedication to excellence. Over the years, our unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding results for our clients has been recognized and celebrated through numerous awards and accolades. These achievements not only reflect our team’s relentless hard work but also highlight our continuous pursuit of excellence in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

50+ Awards and Counting

We are thrilled to have received 50+ prestigious awards that acknowledge our contributions to the industry. These accolades stand as a testament to our dedication, expertise, and the success stories we’ve crafted alongside our valued clients.

A Glimpse of Our Recognitions

  • Inc. 5000: Recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States, an honor that underscores our commitment to growth and innovation.
  • National Excellence US by Upcity: Acknowledged for our national impact and excellence in digital marketing services.
  • Top SEO Agency by Upcity: Celebrating our prowess in search engine optimization, a testament to our ability to drive organic growth.
  • Top Digital Marketing Company by Good Firms: Recognized for our comprehensive digital marketing solutions and unwavering commitment to client success.
  • Top E-commerce Development Company by Selected Firms: Acknowledged for our expertise in crafting e-commerce solutions that drive online businesses to success.
  • Award by 10seos.com: Recognized for our outstanding performance in the digital marketing realm, reflecting our dedication to delivering results.
  • Best SEO Firms: Honored as a leading force in the SEO industry, thanks to our unmatched expertise and proven strategies.
  • NBEA Winner: Celebrating our achievements in the National Business Excellence Awards, a testament to our excellence in business practices.
  • Best SEO Experts by Expertise.com: Acknowledged for our team’s deep expertise and unrivaled proficiency in search engine optimization.
  • Top Digital Marketing Company by Clutch: Recognized for our contributions to the digital marketing landscape, emphasizing our commitment to client success.
  • US Search Awards Winner: An accolade that showcases our outstanding achievements in the realm of digital marketing and SEO.
  • Best SEO Company by Find Best SEO: Honored as a premier SEO agency, reflecting our dedication to driving organic growth for our clients.
  • Top SEO Company by Promotion World: Acknowledged as a top-tier SEO agency, showcasing our excellence in optimizing online visibility.

These awards are more than just accolades; they symbolize the trust our clients place in us and the relentless dedication of our team to achieve greatness in every project. Each recognition motivates us to reach new heights and continue delivering exceptional results to our clients.

Featured In:

Recognized and Featured by Trusted Names

At DigiPerks Marketing, our commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to delivering results have earned us recognition from renowned brands and industry authorities. We are proud to have been featured and acknowledged by trusted names in the business world, showcasing our industry influence and the impact we’ve made on the digital marketing landscape.

Featured by Industry Leaders

We are honored to have caught the attention of esteemed publications and organizations, including:

These awards are more than just accolades; they symbolize the trust our clients place in us and the relentless dedication of our team to achieve greatness in every project. Each recognition motivates us to reach new heights and continue delivering exceptional results to our clients.

  • Forbes: A platform renowned for its insights into business, technology, and entrepreneurship, recognizing our contributions to the digital marketing industry.
  • Clutch: A leading B2B ratings and reviews platform that has highlighted our exceptional performance and client satisfaction.
  • HuffPost: Featuring our expertise and success stories in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.
  • Inc.: Acknowledging our status as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States, a testament to our growth and innovation.
  • Business Week: Recognizing our impact and achievements in the business world, showcasing our commitment to excellence.
  • NJBIZ: Celebrating our contributions to the business landscape in New Jersey, where our journey began.
  • NPR: Featuring our insights and expertise in the dynamic field of digital marketing and advertising.
  • Bloomberg: Acknowledging our influence and success in driving businesses forward in the digital age.
  • Search Engine Journal: A trusted source for digital marketing news and insights, highlighting our expertise in SEO and online visibility.

These features and mentions from industry leaders and respected publications not only reflect our industry influence but also validate our commitment to delivering exceptional results. We’re grateful for the recognition and remain dedicated to pushing boundaries and achieving new milestones in the world of digital marketing.

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Our Goal: Your Success, Our Dedication

At DigiPerks Marketing, our unwavering goal is simple yet profound: to be your trusted partner in achieving unparalleled success in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We understand that your journey towards growth and excellence is unique, and we are committed to tailoring our services to your distinct needs.

Your Vision, Our Mission

We believe in the power of collaboration and the strength of partnership. When you choose DigiPerks Marketing, you’re not just hiring a digital marketing agency; you’re gaining a dedicated team of experts who are passionate about bringing your vision to life. Our mission is to empower your brand, amplify your message, and drive tangible results that exceed your expectations.

100% Dedicated Services

What sets us apart is our unrelenting dedication to your success. From the moment you engage with us, you become our top priority. We invest our expertise, creativity, and resources into every project, campaign, and strategy, ensuring that you receive nothing less than exceptional service. We don’t just work for you; we work with you, sharing in your goals and aspirations.

Your Growth, Our Triumph

Whether you’re seeking to expand your online presence, improve search rankings, boost conversion rates, or enhance brand visibility, we’re here to turn your objectives into achievements. Your growth is not just a metric to us; it’s a testament to our commitment and a source of pride. We measure our success by the success you achieve.

Building Long-lasting Partnerships

Our dedication extends beyond project completion. We’re not just interested in quick wins; we’re in it for the long haul. We believe in nurturing lasting partnerships built on trust, transparency, and mutual respect. As your digital growth partner, we are here to support your evolving needs and celebrate every milestone together.

Your Journey Starts Here

With DigiPerks Marketing, you’re not embarking on your digital journey alone. You’re joining forces with a team that shares your aspirations and is driven by your success. We invite you to explore the limitless possibilities of the digital world with us as your dedicated guide.

Our Partners

DigiPerks Marketing Partners

At DigiPerks Marketing, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive success. To stay at the forefront of digital marketing and deliver the best results to our clients, we’ve forged strong partnerships with industry giants and leaders. These partnerships allow us to harness cutting-edge tools, technologies, and insights, empowering us to create innovative solutions and drive exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Our network of partners includes:

  • Google: The search engine giant that provides us with valuable resources and insights to maximize online visibility.
  • HubSpot: A leading inbound marketing, sales, and customer service platform, enabling us to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients.
  • Forbes: A prestigious platform that recognizes our contributions to the digital marketing industry and showcases our expertise.
  • Microsoft: A technology titan that supports our mission to leverage digital tools for business growth.
  • Bing: Microsoft’s search engine partner, providing us with additional avenues for reaching a wider audience.
  • Meta: The parent company of Facebook, offering us access to a vast social media landscape for marketing opportunities.
  • Influencer Marketing Hub: A platform that enhances our influencer marketing capabilities, expanding our reach and impact.
  • GoodFirms: A B2B research and reviews platform that highlights our excellence in digital marketing services.
  • Yext: A leader in digital knowledge management, helping us ensure consistent and accurate business information across the web.
  • Shopify: Empowering us to deliver e-commerce solutions that drive growth and customer satisfaction.
  • 10bestSEO: Recognizing our prowess as one of the top SEO companies, reinforcing our commitment to search excellence.
  • TopSEOs: Highlighting our position as a top-ranked digital marketing agency, showcasing our dedication to client success.
  • SEMrush: Providing us with valuable SEO and digital marketing tools for comprehensive campaign success.
  • TikTok: Partnering with a dynamic social media platform that opens up new avenues for creative marketing strategies.
  • Clutch: A trusted B2B ratings and reviews platform, validating our reputation for client satisfaction and results.
  • Moz: Offering us industry-leading SEO software and insights to achieve superior search rankings.
  • Zapier: Streamlining our workflows and automations to enhance efficiency and productivity.
  • Apollo: Facilitating our lead generation efforts with powerful sales and marketing solutions.
  • Search Engine Land: A go-to resource for digital marketing news and trends, keeping us informed and innovative.
  • Mashable: Recognizing our contributions to the digital landscape and showcasing our forward-thinking approach.
  • Design Rush: Connecting us with top design and creative professionals to enhance our visual strategies.
  • Search Engine Journal: Providing us with industry insights and best practices for SEO and online visibility.
  • The Manifest: Recognizing our achievements and positioning us as a top-performing digital marketing agency.
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