DigiPerks Marketing Way Fair Case Study

12X traffic in 7 months for Ecom-Shop with Lean SEO Strategy

Website: Way Fair (wayfair.com)

Website Type: E-commerce Store (US)


Wayfair, an emerging E-commerce store based in the United States, embarked on a journey to establish a robust online presence from scratch. With ambitious growth goals in mind, the founder recognized the need for a well-crafted SEO strategy to achieve significant results in a relatively short period. This case study illustrates how DigiPerks Marketing collaborated with Wayfair to execute a lean yet highly effective SEO plan, leading to remarkable success.

The Challenge

Wayfair, like many startups, faced the common challenge of building a substantial online footprint quickly. In an ultra-competitive E-commerce landscape, it was essential to secure a prominent position in search engine rankings, attract organic traffic, and boost revenue growth within a limited time frame. The founder turned to DigiPerks Marketing to devise a strategic solution that could meet these objectives efficiently.

12X Traffic for Ecom-Shop with Lean SEO Strategy Case Study


A Lean SEO Strategy:

DigiPerks Marketing responded with a tailored and budget-conscious SEO strategy, optimizing efforts for maximum impact. The key components of this strategy included:

1. Precise On-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO is the meticulous fine-tuning of a website’s individual pages to align with search engine algorithms. Think of it as optimizing the layout and displays in your physical store so that customers can easily find what they’re looking for. We ensured that Wayfair’s web pages were polished to perfection, making it easy for search engines to understand and rank them favorably.

2. Efficient Content Creation:

In the online world, content reigns supreme. High-quality content not only engages customers but also pleases search engines. It’s like having a store stocked with amazing products that everyone wants to buy. DigiPerks Marketing assisted Wayfair in crafting valuable and engaging content, enhancing the overall user experience and making search engines happy in the process.

3. Advanced Backlink Strategies:

Backlinks, akin to referrals in the physical retail world, are links from other websites pointing to your site. They are a vote of confidence from other online entities. We deployed advanced backlink strategies to encourage other websites to reference Wayfair. This not only enhanced the website’s reputation as a trusted source but also significantly boosted its search engine rankings.

The Impressive Results

The implementation of this streamlined ‘lean’ SEO strategy yielded truly remarkable results for Wayfair. Within a short span of 7 months, the website witnessed a staggering 12-fold increase in organic traffic. It’s comparable to turning a small, quaint shop into a bustling megamall, with customers pouring in from all corners. Additionally, Wayfair’s revenue saw an astonishing growth of 200%. The website had transformed from a modest startup into a thriving E-commerce powerhouse.

Client Testimonial

The founder of Wayfair expressed their satisfaction with the collaboration, emphasizing DigiPerks Marketing’s deep SEO expertise.

“DigiPerks Marketing possesses profound expertise in SEO. They delivered a clear and comprehensively structured SEO audit along with a clear action plan, enabling us to kickstart our strategy. Their swift response to our questions made them a valuable and recommended contact for our needs.”

Ecom-Shop Lean SEO Strategy Case Study by DigiPerks Marketing

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