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Shopify SEO, Ads and Design – Digital Marketing Case Study

Website: Avalon Tent (www.avalontent.com)

Website Type: Shopify (E-COMMERCE)


Digital Marketing, Website Design, Ecommerce SEO, PPC, Shopify

About The Project:

Avalon Tent is a rental company and supplier of high-quality tents for all events – including corporate events and private parties. Although the company primarily caters to the B2B sector, Avalon Tent also extends its services to meet the needs of the consumer market.

Shopify Website Design by DigiPerks Marketing


Avalon Tent lands top-ranking on Google, substantially increased in qualified leads.









Shopify SEO and Web Design by DigiPerks Marketing


Avalon Tent reached us to address two primary challenges.

1. Website Enhancement:

The initial challenge involved rectifying a sluggish and underperforming website, with a primary focus on enhancing its speed, functionality, and overall user experience.

2. Lead Generation and Conversions:

The second challenge centered around boosting leads, conversions, and ultimately, sales. The CEO of Avalon Tent, driven by sales goals, had been left disappointed by previous marketing agencies that failed to deliver tangible results and substantial revenue growth.

Furthermore, Avalon Tent was in the process of changing its company name, a transition that often results in a decline in SEO rankings. Our task was to devise a strategy to mitigate this anticipated drop in SEO ranking while concurrently driving revenue growth through a vigorous marketing campaign and a comprehensive website redesign.

Shopify Digital Marketing Case Study - Ads, PPC by DigiPerks


Redesigned Avalon Tent’s Shopify website fully.

1. Website Redesign and Development:

The existing Shopify website underwent a complete redesign and development process, resulting in a significantly more efficient and user-friendly platform. The customization and modernization of the website not only improved its functionality but also elevated its aesthetics, effectively highlighting Avalon Tent’s reputation for high-quality products.

2. SEO and Structural Enhancements:

Our digital marketing team embarked on substantial SEO and structural improvements. These efforts were directed at enhancing website functionality, optimizing the user experience (UX), and improving loading speed. Furthermore, the website’s framework and sitemap were restructured, incorporating new categories and landing pages. These additions streamlined the buyer’s journey for all potential customers, fostering a more seamless and engaging experience.

Ecommerce Digital Marketing Case Study - SEO, PPC, Advertising

Launch of an Effective Digital Marketing Campaign

On the marketing front, DigiPerks Marketing embarked on a comprehensive strategy for Avalon Tent:

1. Full-Scale Marketing Strategy:

We initiated and continue to manage a comprehensive marketing strategy. This encompassed a robust SEO campaign, a Paid Search (PPC) initiative, and diligent reputation management efforts, all designed to generate a steady flow of inbound traffic.

2. Consulting Services:

Additionally, we extended consulting services to Avalon Tent’s internal marketing team. These consultative efforts aimed to ensure the ongoing success of the marketing initiatives.

Remarkably, despite the anticipated SEO ranking impact resulting from the company name change, DigiPerks Marketing not only mitigated the drop but achieved the extraordinary feat of doubling Avalon Tent’s SEO ranking within the last six months. This accomplishment underscores the efficacy of their strategic efforts.


Avalon Tent ranks in the top 5 on Google for the majority of relevant keywords.

The outcomes of Avalon Tent’s website relaunch and the subsequent marketing campaign have been truly remarkable. Over a mere 6 month timeframe, the client has experienced a staggering 164% increase in qualified leads. Moreover, Avalon Tent has achieved prominent visibility on the first page of Google and other search engines for a substantial 168 keywords, often securing placements in the top three spots.

Most notably, the client’s satisfaction with these results is palpable, with Avalon Tent reporting record-breaking sales week after week. This remarkable success is a testament to the effectiveness of the strategies employed in the website relaunch and marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Case Study - Local SEO by DigiPerks
Ecommerce Digital Marketing Case Study - SEO, PPC, Advertising

collaboration of both teams to achieve remarkable results

The rapid attainment of such tangible results within a brief timeframe can be attributed, in part, to the trust and collaboration fostered between our team and Avalon Tent. Avalon Tent’s openness and flexibility enabled our team to implement suggestions and tailor the campaign to precisely fit their needs. This partnership dynamic, where clients entrust us with their business and engage in a mutually beneficial learning experience, is something we truly value.

Working with Avalon Tent as genuine partners has been an exceptional experience, where both parties have contributed to the success of the endeavor. The outcomes achieved in this collaboration stand as a testament to the effectiveness of this approach and the power of trust and cooperation in achieving remarkable results.

Ecommerce Digital Marketing Case Study - SEO, PPC, Advertising

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