DigiPerks Marketing Gaming Website Case Study

Google Penalty Removal – Gaming Website SEO Case Study

Project Overview

Our client’s website faced a significant challenge when it was subjected to a manual action penalty from search engines, specifically the “unnatural links penalty.” This penalty had been applied site-wide, signifying that a substantial portion of the website’s inbound links were flagged as unnatural or in violation of search engine guidelines. This situation posed a significant threat to the website’s search engine rankings and overall visibility.

Strategic Approach

We approached the penalty removal process with a comprehensive and methodical strategy:

1. Comprehensive Links Analysis:

We initiated the process by conducting an extensive examination of the website’s link history. The primary objective was to identify the sources of these unnatural or problematic links.

2. Bad Link Removal:

Upon identifying these undesirable or unnatural links, our team took swift action to eliminate them. We reached out to website owners or administrators to request the removal of these problematic links.

3. Disavow File Implementation:

A pivotal step in the process involved creating a meticulously crafted disavow file. This file was subsequently used to communicate with search engines, specifically informing them about the links that should be disregarded when assessing the website’s rankings.

4. Reconsideration Request:

We invested great care and attention in composing a reconsideration request to be submitted to Google. This request was supported by concrete evidence that showcased the diligent efforts undertaken to rectify the penalty issue. It provided transparency regarding the actions taken to resolve the problem.

Google Penalty Removal - Gaming Website SEO Case Study by DigiPerks

Remarkable Results

The successful removal of the manual action penalty marked a significant milestone in this project. It signified that the website had successfully addressed the issues that led to the penalty in the first place. This accomplishment had far-reaching implications:

  • The website was no longer burdened by the penalty that had previously hindered its performance in search engine results.
  • Search engines would once again consider the website for rankings, free from the constraints of the penalty.
  • The website’s overall visibility and potential to reach its target audience were significantly improved.

This case study serves as a testament to the impact of a strategic and systematic approach to penalty removal, reinforcing the potential for redemption and recovery even when facing significant challenges. It highlights the importance of thorough analysis, precise action, and effective communication in the penalty removal process.


The successful removal of the manual action penalty is not just an achievement; it’s a testament to the resilience and expertise of our team in addressing complex challenges. This case study underscores the importance of a meticulous approach in penalty removal, enabling websites to regain their standing in search engine results and restore their potential for visibility and growth.

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