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Increased patient enrollment for a mental health provider with 10+ locations across the US.


TEAMCare Behavioral Health is one of the fastest-growing Psychological and Psychiatric Service providers in the United States providing accessible, affordable, and effective care.


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The client was not only pleased with the results but also expressed their satisfaction with the project’s execution. They provided a glowing review.

TEAMCare Behavioral Health embarked on a strategic journey to expand its clinic network, beginning with a focus on building awareness. Recognizing the importance of a robust SEO process from the outset, we approached DigiPerks Marketing to help drive this initiative. DigiPerks Marketing, renowned for its strategic SEO insights and capabilities, not only took charge of TEAMCare Behavioral Health’s local SEO and clinic-based strategy but also served as a dependable digital partner. In just weeks, not months, key terms began ranking in the top 3, reaffirming DigiPerks Marketing as a valuable and committed partner in their journey to success.

Jeffrey Hermann

Medical Director, TEAMCare Behavioral Health

Project Summary:

TEAMCare Behavioral Health, a Lancaster-based mental health organization with a nationwide presence, has ambitious expansion plans, aiming to establish 50 locations within the next two years. Recognizing the need to secure a strong online presence in competitive Pennsylvania markets, TEAMCare Behavioral Health engaged DigiPerks Marketing. DigiPerks Marketing formulated a scalable SEO strategy designed to elevate each location and service to the pinnacle of search results, ensuring a steady influx of patients and solidifying their digital footprint.


1. Lack of Marketing Plan

As TEAMCare Behavioral Health rapidly expanded by opening new locations, they faced the critical task of devising effective marketing strategies to attract and enroll new patients into their services.

2. High Cost of Acquisition

TEAMCare Behavioral Health recognized that the mental health industry is characterized by prohibitively expensive keywords, resulting in exorbitant costs per new patient in PPC campaigns. To mitigate this challenge, they strategically invested in local SEO, anticipating an impressive 8X reduction in the cost of patient acquisition compared to paid search methods.

3. Ambitious Growth Goals

With ambitious plans to establish hundreds of new locations within a short span, TEAMCare Behavioral Health faced the imperative task of filling their clinicians’ calendars with appointments for upcoming visits to ensure the successful launch and sustained growth of their expanded network.

Local SEO Strategy for SAAS Healthcare Digital Marketing Case Study

How we helped TEAMCare Behavioral Health:

1. Digital Marketing Services:

In pursuit of their growth objectives, we collaborated with TEAMCare Behavioral Health to craft a comprehensive Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. This Local SEO initiative marked the initial phase of an integrated marketing strategy, strategically designed to facilitate the scalability of their patient acquisition efforts across their expanding network of locations.

Market Research

Our approach involved a thorough analysis of TEAMCare Behavioral Health’s top 10 competitors, delving into their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. This analysis served as the foundation for crafting a multi-year local SEO plan meticulously designed to propel each TEAMCare Behavioral Health location to the forefront of search results.

Content Strategy

To fortify TEAMCare Behavioral Health’s SEO endeavors, we devised an extensive content strategy spanning local landing pages, on-site blog content, and guest posts featured in pertinent healthcare publications. This comprehensive approach aimed to reinforce their online presence and optimize their visibility across search engines.

2. Digital Strategy Consultant:

DigiPerks Marketing spearheaded a comprehensive website strategy that yielded remarkable results, boosting website conversion rates and form submissions across all locations and services. Our efforts encompassed the redesign of numerous pages, the incorporation of a range of conversion rate optimization best practices, and the configuration of Google Analytics to monitor online appointments and contact requests effectively.

Website Design

As part of our strategy to bolster TEAMCare Behavioral Health’s local SEO and other marketing endeavors, DigiPerks Marketing developed fresh page designs for crucial sections, including the locations listing page, providers listing page, and individual location pages. These redesigned pages were instrumental in strengthening their online presence and achieving their marketing objectives.

Landing Page

To drive increased traffic and appointment bookings for TEAMCare Behavioral Health, we meticulously developed and launched SEO-optimized local landing pages for each location. These pages were designed with mobile-friendliness, speed, and conversion optimization in mind, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for visitors to become appointments at the clinics.


To provide TEAMCare Behavioral Health with comprehensive insights into the effectiveness of their marketing channels, we implemented advanced analytics solutions. This end-to-end tracking allows for a detailed understanding of the entire customer journey, from site visitor to new client acquisition, empowering them with valuable data on the performance of their various marketing channels.

3. Local SEO Services:

DigiPerks Marketing executed a comprehensive local SEO strategy aimed at elevating the ranking of every one of TEAMCare Behavioral Health’s 10+ locations to the top of search results. This initiative encompassed improvements in website design, brand copy, and blog content. We also crafted detailed location landing pages for each city and secured pertinent backlinks to boost organic traffic to TEAMCare Behavioral Health’s websites. Notably, within just 3 months of partnering with DigiPerks Marketing, local SEO efforts accounted for over 40% of all new appointments, underscoring the success of our strategy.

SEO Audit

Our comprehensive approach to local SEO for TEAMCare Behavioral Health included an in-depth review of various aspects, such as website structure, local landing pages, local directory listings, Google My Business setup, local citations, technical SEO, website design, schema markup, and online reputation management, among others. This holistic assessment ensured that all critical elements were optimized to maximize local search visibility and drive patient acquisition.

Directory Listings

To enhance TEAMCare Behavioral Health’s local search relevance and competitive edge, our DigiPerks Marketing team meticulously created local directory listings. These listings not only bolstered their local search visibility but also served as valuable sources of information for individuals seeking mental health care services across the United States.

On-Site Content

Our dedicated writers crafted and published SEO-optimized articles as part of the strategy to bolster TEAMCare Behavioral Health’s local search rankings and drive increased website traffic. This content strategy propelled TEAMCare Behavioral Health to the top of search results for critical keywords, including “Mental Health Services Pennsylvania,” “Mental Health Services Harrisburg,” “Harrisburg psychiatry,” and more than 400 other pertinent mental health services keywords.

Technical SEO

Our skilled developers played a pivotal role in optimizing TEAMCare Behavioral Health’s website for local search success. They implemented structured data schema, enhanced metadata throughout the site, and offered recommendations to improve site speed. These technical website optimizations delivered significant results, with organic rankings experiencing a remarkable 24% increase within just one month of implementing these SEO-friendly website enhancements.

Guest Posting

Our efforts extended to writing guest posts and acquiring high-quality backlinks for TEAMCare Behavioral Health’s location landing pages and supporting content. We successfully published more than 50 articles on reputable healthcare-related blogs, magazines, and newspapers. This extensive backlink strategy proved highly effective, positioning our client on the first page of Google search results for each of their locations, significantly enhancing their online visibility and patient acquisition.

What we achieved:



Our client achieved remarkable results in Google Search Results within less than two months, thanks to our comprehensive location pages focusing on psychiatry, couple counseling, and mental health services. The cost-effectiveness of our SEO efforts became evident, as the expenses associated with running paid ads targeting these keywords would have been 8 times higher per month compared to the cost of our SEO work, making it a highly cost-efficient strategy for TEAMCare Behavioral Health.

Keyword Research and Ranking - Local SEO Strategy for SAAS Healthcare



TEAMCare Behavioral Health experienced rapid ranking improvements for hundreds of new keywords across all its locations, achieving results in record time. These rankings included keywords that the company had never ranked for before partnering with DigiPerks Marketing. Some of the newly created landing pages reached top 3 search results within less than a week of deploying the new location pages, showcasing the effectiveness of our local SEO efforts.

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TEAMCare Behavioral Health witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of relevant keywords ranking on Google, soaring from approximately 37 branded keywords in 2021 to over 1,200 relevant keywords by 2022. Notably, several of these keywords secured positions in the top 3 search results on Google, including phrases such as “Mental Health Services Pennsylvania,” “Mental Health Services Harrisburg,” “Harrisburg psychiatry,” and “Behavioral Health Lancaster,” among others. This extensive keyword growth demonstrates the effectiveness of our local SEO strategies in expanding TEAMCare’s online presence.

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