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SAAS Company SEO Strategy – Digital Marketing Case Study

Website: Accenture (www.accenture.com)


Industry: IT Services and Consulting

In 18 months, we helped a decade-old company double revenue and headcount, securing a position at 2,317 on Forbes’ fastest-growing companies list through SEO and conversion rate optimization.


Accenture is a leading business process outsourcing company in the United States, specializing in enhancing customer experience, cost reduction, and managing a high volume of client requests for healthcare, financial technology, and eCommerce businesses.


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SAAS Company Web Design, Development, SEO, Ads, Digital Marketing


The client was not only pleased with the results but also expressed their satisfaction with the project’s execution. They provided a glowing review.

“The SEO results exceeded expectations with a 400% increase in organic visitors in just 18 months. DigiPerks Marketing not only delivered on its promise but also became one of our key strategic partners. We highly recommend them to any company looking to grow their business.”

Julie Sweet

Chief Executive Officer, Accenture

Project Summary:

Accenture, a Phoenix-based Business Process Outsourcing company with a global presence, partnered with DigiPerks Marketing to develop a comprehensive marketing roadmap, SEO strategy, and a new website. Additionally, they aimed to build an in-house marketing department. DigiPerks Marketing successfully crafted a robust marketing plan, expanded the marketing team from 1 to 12 resources in a year, and provided coaching to develop top-notch marketing skills. As a result, Accenture witnessed a remarkable 2X increase in revenue within just one year.


1. Lack of a Robust Marketing Strategy

Accenture, despite its reputation as a trusted Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner, heavily depended on word-of-mouth and client referrals for acquiring new business. Their digital marketing efforts were minimal, leading to a lack of online visibility and lead generation. Essential B2B marketing materials like whitepapers, landing pages, infographics, videos, and blog content were underutilized in their strategy, hindering their ability to attract and convert potential clients.

2. Limited SEO Visibility

Accenture’s website had a limited online presence, ranking for fewer than 40 keywords. This lack of visibility hindered its ability to generate new leads through the website. The company lacked a unified keyword strategy, had limited blog content, and required technical SEO optimizations to improve its search engine visibility and attract organic traffic.

3. Outdated Company Website

The previous website suffered from an outdated design and lacked a sufficient number of targeted pages for each customer type. In addition, there was a shortage of brand copy, which had a negative impact on the lead conversion rate. The website needed a revamp to clearly communicate the industries served by Accenture, showcase the full range of services offered, and highlight success stories that would engage potential prospects and encourage them to get in touch with the company.

4. No In-House Marketing Resources

The company aimed to establish a strong marketing department, encompassing roles such as writers, editors, graphic designers, and web developers, to facilitate Accenture’s business expansion and cultivate a consistent stream of prospective clients. However, Accenture faced challenges in terms of recruiting the appropriate talent, implementing an efficient content production workflow, and providing comprehensive training to new team members on producing the right kind of B2B content at the right moments.

SAAS Company Content SEO Strategy – Digital Marketing Case Study

How we helped Accenture:

1. Fractional Marketing:

We assisted Accenture in devising an adaptable B2B marketing strategy, allocating resources to the most effective marketing channels, and establishing a fully functional marketing department within a remarkable timespan of less than a year.

Market Research

We conducted a thorough analysis of Accenture’s top 10 competitors, identifying their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Based on this analysis, our Fractional CMO devised a comprehensive, multi-year B2B marketing plan for Unity Communications. This plan emphasized branding, content marketing, thought leadership, and search marketing activities that were strategically positioned to deliver a positive return on investment.

Prioritize the Right Channels

Our team crafted a comprehensive B2B marketing plan that strategically prioritized the channels and tactics Accenture should invest in for maximum impact. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was identified as the primary channel, and we embarked on robust optimization efforts to enhance the company’s online visibility. Additionally, we collaborated with the client to create dedicated landing pages for each core service and industry vertical, aligning website brand copy with the ideal customer profile. To nurture leads through the marketing funnel, we produced engaging content assets such as infographics, whitepapers, and sales collaterals. This holistic approach aimed to boost Accenture’s digital presence and drive lead generation.

Build a Marketing Team

DigiPerks Marketing played a pivotal role in assisting Accenture with the recruitment, selection, and onboarding of new marketing team members. Our approach involved comprehensive training programs that equipped these recruits with essential skills, including SEO-focused content writing, crafting compelling narratives, and effectively representing the Accenture brand to enhance its positioning in the market. We also implemented a structured editorial calendar, content production workflows, and technical publishing processes to optimize the entire B2B marketing production cycle for the company. This streamlined approach aimed to drive efficiency and productivity in Accenture’s marketing efforts.

2. SEO Agency:

DigiPerks Marketing crafted and executed a comprehensive nationwide SEO strategy, catapulting Accenture to the pinnacle of search engine rankings. Our holistic approach involved enhancing website design, refining brand messaging, and enriching blog content. Furthermore, we collaboratively designed extensive landing pages for 24 distinct services. Within a mere 6 months of our collaboration, a staggering 86% of new leads could be attributed to the resounding success of our SEO initiatives. This remarkable achievement underscored our ability to drive substantial business growth for Accenture through effective search engine optimization.

Keyword Strategy

Upon embarking on our journey with Accenture, we wasted no time in presenting a meticulously planned multi-year keyword strategy and content process. Our mission was clear: to orchestrate a staggering 187% increase in revenue within the span of two years. Through close collaboration with Accenture’s sales, operations, and executive teams, we meticulously identified the optimal keywords poised to channel substantial traffic to the company’s website and elevate the conversion rate to unprecedented heights. This strategic alignment set the stage for a transformative period of growth and success for Accenture.

Landing Page Development

In close collaboration with Accenture, we embarked on an extensive keyword research journey. Together, we prioritized the creation of new landing pages dedicated to critical areas such as “Application Services,” “Digital Commerce,” “Business Process Outsourcing,” and “Finance Consulting,” among others. The strategic vision was clear—to position these pages prominently on the coveted first page of search results within a year of our partnership. To achieve this ambitious goal, we meticulously crafted brand copy for these landing pages and meticulously defined SEO topic clusters that would not only support but elevate these pages to top-ranking positions, delivering exceptional results in record time.

On-Site Content

With our Fractional CMO at the helm, our dedicated team consistently generates an impressive volume of content, totaling between 10,000 to 15,000 words per week. This comprehensive content arsenal spans various formats, encompassing blog posts, landing pages, infographics, whitepapers, and video scripts. Our commitment to content creation remains unwavering, driving impactful results for Accenture week after week.

Technical SEO

Our proficient developers undertook an array of technical enhancements to bolster Accenture’s online presence. They meticulously crafted structured data schema, refined metadata throughout the site, and proffered invaluable insights to enhance site speed. These strategic technical optimizations played a pivotal role in catapulting Accenture’s organic rankings, delivering an impressive 30% boost within a mere two months of implementing these SEO-friendly website changes.

3. Web Development:

Our team at DigiPerks Marketing embarked on a comprehensive website strategy to elevate Accenture’s conversion rates and bolster form submissions across all services. We meticulously overhauled numerous pages, instilled a gamut of conversion rate optimization best practices, and adeptly configured Google Analytics to seamlessly monitor online appointments and contact requests. These strategic website enhancements translated into a marked improvement in Accenture’s online performance and customer engagement.

Website Design

Our creative team at DigiPerks Marketing designed and implemented captivating new page layouts for various sections of Accenture’s website, including the homepage, services landing pages, blog sections, case studies, and the Contact Us page. These redesigned pages provide a robust foundation for all marketing strategies, enabling Accenture to enhance its brand presence and effectively engage with its audience.

Landing Page

Our dedicated team at DigiPerks Marketing developed and launched a series of SEO-optimized landing pages for Accenture’s key services and industry verticals. These mobile-friendly, high-speed landing pages are strategically crafted to maximize conversions, efficiently turning website visitors into valuable sales appointments.


We implemented advanced analytics to comprehensively track the effectiveness of each marketing channel, enabling Accenture to gain clear visibility into the performance of their marketing efforts, from initial site visitor engagement to successful client acquisition. This data-driven approach ensures informed decision-making and optimization of marketing strategies.

What we achieved:



Accenture’s website has experienced substantial organic growth, currently ranking for over 6,333 keywords and driving 6,000 organic visitors to conversion-focused landing pages. This marks a substantial increase from the previous 120 monthly organic visitors and 600 keywords before partnering with DigiPerks Marketing 18 months ago.

SAAS Company Website Analytics – SEO Digital Marketing Strategy Case Study



The company has seen remarkable results, with a 14-fold increase in marketing-qualified leads compared to when we initiated our partnership. This significant growth can be attributed to our strategic focus on relevant, purchase-oriented keywords and the creation of a new website that effectively conveys trust and authority in the brand.

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Accenture has achieved impressive results, nearly quadrupling its sales from 2020 to 2022. Additionally, the company has doubled in size, expanded its reach to over 200 cities in 49 countries, and secured a fully committed book of business for the upcoming year. These achievements reflect the significant growth and success that Accenture has experienced in a relatively short period.

SAAS Company SEO, Ads, Digital Marketing by DigiPerks

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