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2X Organic Traffic for B2B Company: SEO Case Study

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Project Overview

In this success story, we take you through the remarkable journey of a B2B company that was facing a significant challenge. Over the past two years, their organic leads had remained stagnant, and their website was plagued by numerous issues. These included a lack of robust SEO efforts, a sluggish site performance, content deficiencies, and a multitude of technical problems that demanded immediate attention.

The Comprehensive SEO Audit

Our first step in addressing this challenge was to conduct an in-depth SEO audit. This audit covered various facets, including technical, on-page, and competitor analysis. It provided us with critical insights into the website’s shortcomings and areas in need of improvement.

2X Organic Traffic for B2B Company - SEO Case Study

Tackling Technical Hurdles

Collaborating closely with the client’s developer, we began tackling the technical challenges. This included resolving issues such as broken pages, duplicate content, orphaned pages, and critical elements like missing title tags and alt text. These fixes were pivotal in ensuring that the website was not hindered by technical roadblocks.

Optimizing Content for Impact

Content optimization played a crucial role in our strategy. We embarked on creating new pages that specifically targeted relevant industries and applications for the client’s products. This step aimed to provide valuable, industry-specific content that could attract and engage the target audience effectively.

Building a Strong Linking Strategy

In the realm of SEO, link-building is a powerful tool. We initiated a robust link-building campaign that included activities like publishing guest blog posts and establishing partnerships with business associates. These efforts created valuable linking opportunities, strengthening the website’s authority and credibility.

Remarkable Results

The impact of our collective efforts was nothing short of remarkable. From November 2021 to September 2022, we witnessed a substantial uptick in organic traffic. The increase was nearly 95%, a testament to the effectiveness of our strategy and diligent efforts.

Doubling Monthly Conversions

But the success story didn’t stop at traffic growth. We also managed to double the number of monthly conversions, reflecting the transformation of the website from a passive platform to a lead-generating powerhouse.

This case study is a testament to the power of a comprehensive SEO strategy. It highlights how a meticulous approach, addressing technical, content, and linking issues, can lead to a significant turnaround in a relatively short time frame. It’s a story of growth, optimization, and tangible results, setting the stage for the company’s continued success in the competitive B2B landscape.

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