DigiPerks Marketing SaaS Start-Up Case Study

250+ Conversions per Month From zero within 1 year

Website: SaaS Start-Up

Project Overview

The success story of revamping the Google Ads setup for a SaaS website in the real estate niche is a testament to the impact of a well-structured digital strategy. In this case, the client witnessed a transformative journey, as their conversions catapulted from a meager 20 to an impressive 250+ per month in just one year.

Elevated Conversion Quality

What truly sets these conversions apart is not just their quantity but their exceptional quality. The discerning approach to the marketing strategy ensured that these conversions were not just leads but valuable prospects genuinely interested in the client’s services. This, in turn, translated to higher conversion rates, as these prospects were more likely to convert into paying customers.

A New Priority – Sales Team Expansion

Recognizing the substantial surge in high-quality conversions, our recommendation to the client is clear – prioritize the expansion of their sales team. By increasing the capacity of their sales force, the client can effectively capitalize on the existing pool of high-intent prospects. This step is crucial in ensuring that no opportunity goes untapped, and every lead is nurtured towards conversion.

The Ongoing Quest for Excellence

Our journey with this client is far from over. While the achieved results are remarkable, we are committed to pushing the boundaries further. Our focus remains steadfast on driving even more relevant conversions to their website. This involves a dynamic strategy that adapts to changing market trends and consumer behaviors, ensuring that the client can unlock the full potential of their SaaS platform.

250+ Monthly Conversions for SaaS Website by Google Ads


The transformation of this SaaS platform’s digital performance showcases the incredible potential of a well-executed and continuously optimized digital marketing strategy. It is a journey marked by growth, quality, and the pursuit of excellence. As we continue to work in tandem with the client, we look forward to achieving new milestones and solidifying their position as a trailblazer in the real estate niche.

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