DigiPerks Marketing Jewelry Retouchers Case Study

+192% E-commerce SEO Growth in 6 months

Website: Jewelry Retouchers (jewelryretouchers.com)

Website Type: E-commerce Shop (US)

Project Goal

In the highly competitive world of e-commerce, online visibility can make or break a business. Jewelry Retouchers, an upscale e-commerce store, recognized the need to strengthen its online presence and capture a more significant share of the market. Their specific goal was to boost their visibility and ranking for critical revenue-generating keywords.

The Challenge

Jewelry Retouchers found themselves in a challenging position – lacking an effective SEO strategy to compete in the competitive US market. To thrive, they needed to not only attract more visitors to their website but to attract the right kind of visitors, those most likely to make a purchase.

+192% E-commerce SEO Growth Case Study


A Strategic SEO Transformation:

DigiPerks Marketing stepped in to provide Jewelry Retouchers with a strategic SEO transformation. This transformation was built on a ‘ROLS’ Action Plan, incorporating a series of key strategies to optimize their website’s performance in search engine rankings:

1. Content Refinement for Enhanced User Experience and Search Engine Optimization:

The first step involved a comprehensive review of the website’s content. The aim was to revamp and optimize the content to make it more engaging for human users while staying aligned with search engine algorithms. Crafting fresh, relevant content was pivotal for improved search engine rankings.

2. Strategic Enhancement of Internal Linking to Collection and Product Pages:

The strategic interlinking of various pages within the website was meticulously planned. This not only enhanced user navigation but also provided search engines with a clearer view of the website’s structure. As a result, collection and product pages saw a significant boost in visibility.

3. Thoughtful and Cost-Effective Link-Building Strategy:

The quest for high-quality backlinks was approached with efficiency in mind. A resource-efficient strategy was implemented to make the most of the available budget while generating backlinks that carried substantial SEO weight.

4. Strategic Content Creation to Target Keyword Gaps Compared to Competitors:

A thorough analysis of Jewelry Retouchers’ competitors was conducted to identify gaps in keywords. A strategic content creation plan was then put in place to address these gaps. This approach aimed to outperform competitors by capturing traffic they might have overlooked.

The Impressive Results

The outcome of this strategic transformation was nothing short of remarkable. Jewelry Retouchers experienced a consistent and substantial increase in organic traffic, resulting in an impressive +140% surge in monthly visits to product and collection pages. This surge was not just about quantity but, more importantly, about the quality of visitors who were genuinely interested in making a purchase.


A Partnership for Success:

The collaboration between Jewelry Retouchers and DigiPerks Marketing proved to be highly successful. The goals set for the first and second quarters of 2023 were not only met but exceeded. This success left Jewelry Retouchers in a more competitive position, ready to thrive in the competitive world of e-commerce.

E-commerce SEO Growth Case Study by DigiPerks Marketing

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