DigiPerks Marketing SaaS Business Growth Case Study

0 to 200K+ Organic Sessions in 7 months with SEO Content Strategy

Website: SaaS Business

Project Background

The client in question had been grappling with a persistent challenge: a gradual decline in their organic traffic over several years. This decline had reached a point of concern, prompting them to seek a solution. The root of the problem lay in their content strategy. Despite having a wealth of valuable content on their website, the material had grown stagnant, and they had ceased publishing new content on a consistent basis. This stagnation had a direct impact on their organic traffic, which was consistently dwindling.

Strategic Solution

In response to this challenge, our team devised a comprehensive content strategy to breathe new life into the client’s digital presence. We opted for a Pillar & Cluster strategy that was meticulously tailored to target high-value keywords within their industry. This approach was intended to reestablish the client’s digital authority and increase their visibility in search engine results pages. To ensure the success of this strategy, we conducted a precise content audit. This audit served as the foundation for creating content outlines and detailed briefs, providing the client’s writers with clear guidance on the themes and objectives of each piece.

0 to 200K+ Organic Sessions in 7 months with SEO Content Strategy

Content Creation Campaign

The heart of the solution lay in an intensive content creation campaign that spanned seven months. During this period, our team meticulously executed a total of 50+ new articles. Each piece was crafted with a focus on quality, relevance, and alignment with the client’s overall content strategy. This campaign was not just about producing a high volume of content but also about producing content that resonated with the target audience and search engines alike.

Swift Impact

The results of the content strategy were nothing short of astonishing. Within just seven months of executing the content creation campaign, the newly published articles experienced an exceptional growth trajectory. The monthly organic sessions catapulted from a mere zero to over 92,000. This rapid surge in organic sessions was a testament to the effectiveness of the strategy and the dedication of the team to achieving tangible results.

Sustained Growth

The impact wasn’t limited to a short-term surge. A year-over-year comparison revealed sustained growth. The website’s overall organic traffic increased by over 45% within this timeframe. This marked a significant turnaround from the initial situation, where the organic traffic had been declining at a rate of -10%. The sustained growth was a strong indication that the Pillar & Cluster content strategy had not only revitalized the client’s online presence but also set the stage for long-term success.

Proven Results

The client’s online presence and digital authority saw a substantial transformation. The impact of the strategy extended beyond the numbers, enhancing the client’s reputation as a valuable resource in their industry. The case study served as proof of the remarkable turnaround from organic traffic decline to significant growth.

Ongoing Strategy

As the client’s digital journey continues, the focus shifts to maintaining and expanding this newfound success. An ongoing content strategy will play a pivotal role in adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape. The Pillar & Cluster approach has proven its effectiveness and is expected to be a cornerstone of the client’s ongoing digital efforts.


In conclusion, this case study serves as a testament to the transformative power of a well-executed content strategy. The client’s story is a reflection of the boundless potential that the digital landscape offers. It demonstrates the impact of a strategic and structured approach to content creation and optimization in achieving substantial organic growth and sustained success.

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