DigiPerks Marketing Luxury Watch Company Case Study

117% Organic Growth for E-Commerce Store: SEO Case Study

Website: Luxury Watch Company

Website Type: E-commerce Store (US)

Project Background

The client, an established E-commerce luxury watch company, sought to elevate its organic traffic. They were already receiving around 12,000 monthly organic visits, but a substantial portion of this traffic was directed toward their blog posts, which had a lower conversion rate. The company’s primary objective was to enhance their E-commerce-specific organic traffic, increase conversions, and drive revenue growth.

Strategic Solution

Over the course of one year, our team embarked on a strategic journey to address the client’s specific challenges. The primary goal was to revamp their organic traffic and channel it more effectively into their E-commerce segment. The strategies implemented were as follows:

117% Organic Growth for E-Commerce Store - SEO Case Study

1. Development of New Product Line Category Pages:

To optimize the website for E-commerce, we developed new category pages tailored to their product lines. This not only improved the organization of the website but also enhanced user navigation and engagement.

2. Enhanced Internal Linking and Navigation:

We improved the internal linking structure and navigation of the website. This provided users with a more seamless experience and allowed search engines to better understand the site’s structure.

3. Resolution of Duplicate Content Issues:

Duplicate content can dilute the effectiveness of a website. We addressed this issue by identifying and resolving instances of duplicate content, ensuring that every piece of content served a distinct purpose.

4. Implementation of ‘Noindex’ for Duplicate Category Directories:

To further mitigate duplicate content concerns, we implemented ‘noindex’ directives for duplicate category directories. This helped in streamlining the content indexed by search engines.

5. Enhanced Site Crawlability:

Site crawlability plays a crucial role in how search engines assess and rank a website. By reducing duplicate directory crawls, we improved the site’s crawlability, allowing search engines to focus on essential content.

6. Crafting High-Quality Content for Category Pages:

We created high-quality, engaging content for category pages. This content was not only informative but also designed to attract and retain the target audience.

Results and Impact

The results of these strategic initiatives were nothing short of exceptional. Over the span of a year, the client experienced a remarkable 117% increase in their overall organic traffic. The most significant surge was observed in E-commerce-specific organic traffic, which witnessed a remarkable 125% growth. This surge in organic traffic had a direct and substantial impact on the client’s revenue, leading to an outstanding year-over-year growth of 186%.


This case study is a testament to the transformative power of tailored strategies in the digital landscape. By addressing specific challenges and optimizing the website for E-commerce, the client not only significantly increased their organic traffic but also witnessed substantial revenue growth. The results highlight the importance of understanding a client’s unique objectives and developing strategies that directly contribute to their success in the digital marketplace.

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