DigiPerks Marketing Construction Business Case Study

Google Update Recovery & Growth Strategy – SEO Case Study

Website: Construction Business

Project Overview

Our client, a small to medium-sized business (SMB) in the construction sector, faced a significant drop in website traffic following a Google algorithm update in late 2020. In response to this decline, we initiated a project in February 2021 with a clear goal: to revitalize the website, counter the adverse effects of the update, and restore its previous traffic levels.


Google Update Recovery & Growth Strategy - SEO Case Study

Strategic Approach

Our strategy was multifaceted, aimed at enhancing the overall quality of the website and addressing the issues stemming from the Google update:

1. Technical SEO Enhancements:

A comprehensive evaluation of the website’s technical aspects was performed. This involved identifying and rectifying issues affecting site performance, accessibility, and user experience.

2. Content Refinements:

Existing content on the website underwent a thorough review. We aimed to improve the quality and relevance of the content to align with both user expectations and search engine criteria.

3. Comprehensive Site Cleanup:

Any outdated, redundant, or low-value elements on the website were eliminated. This cleanup contributed to a more streamlined and user-friendly website.

4. Metadata Optimization:

Metadata elements, including title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags, were optimized to enhance search engine visibility and user engagement.

5. Fresh and Relevant Content:

The addition of new, informative, and pertinent content played a pivotal role in rejuvenating the website’s appeal to both users and search engines.


Google Update Recovery & Growth Strategy by DigiPerks Marketing

Remarkable Results

In an impressively short span of five months, we achieved a complete reversal of the traffic decline that followed the Google algorithm update. Furthermore, the website continued to exhibit consistent growth in terms of traffic. These results underscore the efficacy of our strategy and the successful restoration of the website’s traffic levels.


This case study exemplifies the capacity to recover from substantial traffic losses resulting from a Google algorithm update through strategic and holistic website enhancements. By addressing technical, content, and optimization aspects, we not only countered the negative impact but also facilitated ongoing traffic growth, ultimately revitalizing the website’s online presence.

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