DigiPerks Marketing Omnisend Case Study

+300% YoY traffic for B2B Agency – SEO Case Study

Website: Omnisend (www.omnisend.com)

Website Type: B2B Email Marketing Agency for E-commerce Businesses

Project Overview

Our client, an Email Marketing Agency with a specialization in serving E-commerce businesses, sought our assistance with the objective of significantly boosting their website traffic through an effective SEO strategy. The project began in May 2021, and the results we achieved in less than a year were truly remarkable. By the end of 2021, we had managed to increase their website traffic by an astounding 300%, marking a five-fold growth that underscored the sustained success of our collaboration.

Strategic Approach

Our approach for Omnisend was rooted in a thorough understanding of their target audience. This understanding allowed us to create a tailored content strategy, ensuring that the right message reached the right people at the right time. Our journey towards achieving remarkable traffic growth consisted of two key phases:

+300% YoY traffic for B2B Agency - SEO Case Study

1. Content Enhancement:

  • We set out to create new, highly targeted content that resonated with Omnisend’s specific audience. This content was meticulously designed to address their pain points and provide valuable insights.
  • Additionally, we undertook the task of re-optimizing existing content, ensuring that it remained relevant and effective in driving organic traffic.

2. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

  • Recognizing that increased traffic is only beneficial if it translates into valuable leads, we collaborated closely with Omnisend to implement CRO strategies.
  • These strategies focused on refining the website’s conversion pathways, optimizing elements such as call-to-actions, landing pages, and user experience to ensure that a higher percentage of visitors were converted into valuable leads for the business.

Remarkable Results

The impact of our holistic approach was truly remarkable. Our relentless focus on content enhancement and effective conversion rate optimization paid off significantly:

  • The increase in website traffic was not just quantitative but also highly relevant. Visitors were not just pouring in; they were engaging with the content and taking meaningful actions.
  • The surge in traffic contributed to turning visitors into valuable leads for Omnisend. It was not just about the numbers; it was about the quality of those numbers.
  • The client witnessed an impressive year-over-year revenue growth, a clear indicator that the increased traffic was not just for show but translated into tangible business results.

Our collaborative efforts with Omnisend have proven the potential for substantial and sustained growth achievable through a strategic, customized, and audience-centric approach to SEO. This case study highlights the power of content enhancement and conversion rate optimization in driving a significant increase in website traffic and, more importantly, ensuring that this traffic positively impacts the client’s bottom line.


This case study not only celebrates the achievements of our collaboration with Omnisend but also serves as a testament to the impact of effective SEO. By recognizing the importance of content and conversion optimization, we were able to drive a substantial increase in traffic and revenue, propelling our client, Omnisend, on a path of continued expansion and success.

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